Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bells of Zabaldika


On the day we walked towards Pamplona, we had to follow a path along the small Arga River that was very uncomfortably muddy from previous days of rain. When we got to the village of Zabaldika we had had enough and so decided to take an optional route uphill where we expected the land to be drier even though it meant some steep climbing.

When we reached the top, we were rewarded with not just an excellent view of the surroundings but also a visit to an interesting 13th century church of St Stephens, which nowadays also served to basic accommodation for pilgrims on the Camino. We did not stay there but I accepted the invitation by a nun in charge to ascend the spiral stone staircase up the bell tower to ring the two old bells. It was an interesting experience even though I had to chance my life with the rather questionable timber floor boards. (You might notice from the audio that one of the bells had a crack in it)

MVI 0790 from Kin-Mun Kan on Vimeo.

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