Monday, May 5, 2014

A respite from walking at Logrono

We end up spending 3 nights in Logrono for Kay to recover from her cold and for me to overcome the fatigue that lingered on ever since the Pyrenees. Perhaps there was a touch of jetlag as well.

Logrono was a good spot to rest in spring though the seeds from trees float down incessantly like snowflakes and collecting in drifts everywhere gave me some hayfever.

We met up again with some pilgrims we encountered earlier including an Italian lady we shared an albergue room with at Zubiri. Unfortunately she was forced to rest with a foot injury.  We are beginning to hear of many such stories now that we are more than 100 km down the track.

By the 3rd day we had rested enough to want to to a lengthy walk so we explored the parks on the banks of the Ebro River and walked the Camino right across the city to its southwestern edge at the railway bridge and back. We had done this stretch previously but we then did it in the dark before dawn broke to avoid the then summer heat. Yesterday we had a good look at suburbia alive.

While resting, a cursory look at a map of Spain gave us a sudden realisation that Bilbao, a side trip objective, is just to the north of us in Logrono. We took a quick decision to take a trip there from Logrono instead of venturing forth on the Camino for the time being.

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