Thursday, May 8, 2014

Apology to Spain

I have to admit that in a moment of indiscretion I posted what might have appeared to be comments on the Spanish that were less than generous.  Indeed some readers would say I had been totally rude to my hosts who all had been kind and hospitable. My intention was to point out, especially to would be pilgrims the challenges of the Camino, ad the surprises in some small places like Santo Domingo.

Indeed where else in the world can one get a cup of good coffee for 1 euro or,  as we had earlier today,  a 3 course meal for 13 euros, and find locals who helpfully pointing out the right way to Santiago despite all the disruptions to their lives.
The weather conditions at the Pyrenees were awful but then so are all mountain ranges. Since then it has been clear blue skies and bright sunshine eveyday.

As you can see in the photo we were smiling as we prepared ourselves for some Spanish ham, salad, tomatoes, fresh bread and vino tinto (red wine).


  1. Kin-Mun,
    Linus sent me the link to your latest Camino. I'm hoping to do my second Camino next year. I haven't been to another Sydney meet up since I met you but hope to catch up with you when you return home. I'm enjoying reading about your current walk. I think just about everyone I met on my walk had comments about the food. I had 3 or 4 meals I really enjoyed but the rest was just ordinary. The pumpkin/chicken soup in Hontanas at Casa Brigida was my favourite as well as tapas in Santiago. Enjoy the remainder of your walk. I went to Bilbao before my Camino just to see the Gugenheim.
    Cheers, Wayne

    1. Thanks Wayne . The popularity of the Camino is surging. You will find more tourists and places more tourist-friendly which has its pluses and minuses.