Sunday, May 18, 2014


We chose to take a route to Sarria that is different from our previous Camino, one that goes  via Samos famous for its largest monastery in the western world.

The path to Sam's was typically Galician, winding path through forests and farms with trees covered with moss and creepers, evidence of high rainfall in the province. Unlike our previous though the sky was blue and the ground dry and even dusty.

The sight that greeted us as we scaled the last of the small hills was worth all the trouble - the grand St Julian monastery from above.

We were even more thrilled to find a conducted tour of the monastery in English for the bennefit of just two of us.

We discovered that the place we booked was actually another 4km on and run by someone who less English than Kay speaks Spanish. Thankfully the lady bar owner helped by phoning for us and soon a car was sent to bring us to the location.

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