Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vilamayor del Rio encounter

Vilamayor del Rio on the way from Redecilla to Belorado is not a village that many of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims going through each year would remember.  "It's a one-horse town where the horse was shot" said the outspoken and opinionated South African lady sitting at a table in the nice restaurant cafĂ© a couple of hundred metres away from the Camino route on the other side of the highway.  Unless one deviates from the Camino there was absolutely no where to get a drink.

But that was not the only complaint that was aired. The rather stern manager / waiter received a string of comments in his absence. He was indeed an odd one who appeared to have taken a leaf out of customer service book from Fawlty Towers. He made sure all customers obey the rules for the place which were prominently displayed at the front door, including no backpacks, no walking poles, no shorts, no singlets, no removal of shoes etc all of which pilgrims are mostly to have with them or want to do.

The lady went on to complain about the lack of English probably forgetting that she was in Spain.

We were soon joined by an Aussie family group of a mother and two young children walking for the late father of the children who passed away last year. Remarkably the 13 year old boy walked the Camino with his father once before. There are many such stories on the Camino.

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