Monday, May 19, 2014


We complain often about the one particular  challenge of the pilgrimage - that which relates to food. The breakfast served is often too light, the cuisine offered in the villages limited (sandwiches, potato tortillas, Spanish ham) and restaurants don't open till very late (usually not earlier than 8pm sometimes 9pm).  It is often worse in Galicia where the sun is up till late this time of the year.

Still, we continue to learn, cope and discover. This may only be our second Camino but it's already our 4th trip to Spain, so we should know or have learnt! Soups are often available any time of the day when we asked and they are quite good. The unappealing blood and rice sausage turned out to be quite tasty , and when requested they would usually heat up the potato tortillas to make it more palatable.

At Triacastela, octopus was on the eonomical menu del diaz; perhaps the Spanish people  have stopped being self concious about their exotic dishes and are now offering them to the pilgrims. Best of all many casa rurales (B&B) and small hotels have offered dinners at earlier times. Last night we had dinner at previously unheard time of 7 pm, a time that is very respectful of walkers who need to rest early for an early rise the next day.

Today we will walk our last 9 km to Sarria and end our Casino there.


  1. Casino ? Must be misspelt! Well, while both of you have enjoyed your camino walk, you must be glad you are going home soon! Well done! Beo Lan

  2. Yes. Smartphone is too smart for its own good. km

  3. Yes. Smartphone is too smart for its own good. km