Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bilbao -Santo Domingo food comments

Not many pilgrims complain about the food in Spain but we always do after a few days in the villages and provincial cities;  we are spoilt by multicultural Sydney and Singapore no doubt.

We can live with pinchos for lunch but it seems every bar is offering the same half-dozen choices - tortilla,  jamon, boccadilos perhaps drowned in mayonnaise or olive oil. You want anything else you have to wait till after 8 pm or later. 

Bilbao is a city that attracts perhaps millions of visitors each year but it is still hard to find a full meal serving place at lunch time let alone one serving non Iberian cuisine. We spotted a Chinese restaurant in town; like the others  they open in the evening after 8 pm.

Imagine our excitement when we got to Santo Domingo, a tiny village by comparison to Bilbao,  and found not one but several places serving full meals in the middle of the day including several showing off "2 Forks" signs. We jumped immediately into one and enjoyed the 11 euros menu del diaz of fish soup (Kay had salad), lamb stew (meat balls), ice cream and drinks. Obviously the large number of pilgrims have made an Impact here; pilgrims have their special needs,  partly because they need to go to bed early and partly because they come from places with less rigid cuisine style and eating schedule.

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