Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To Calzadilla de La Cueza

We ventured off in the morning leaving our comfortable hotel set up in a beautifully restored monastery building onto perhaps the most remote part of the meseta. The air was crispy cold around 5 deg but soon we were exposed to the fierce sun on the shadeless track and grateful for the cool breeze that persisted.

We had a 17 km day so I was annoyed by the confusing stylised map that made us take the wrong way leaving Carrion and added another 1.5 to our day; it would have been worse if a local had not stopped his car in the middle of a highway to tell us that.

There is nothing commercial between Carrion and Calzadilla del La Cueza we had been warned, not even a fountain to fill our water bottle, but an entreprising ice cream vendor was strategically parked 7km down the road. We could not refuse the temptation even though it meant lowering our cool body even further; we would have much preferred a hot cup of coffee.

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